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Chakra Roller Bottles - Essential Oils For Chakra Balancing - Meditation Oil

Chakra Roller Bottles - Essential Oils For Chakra Balancing - Meditation Oil

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Chakra Roller Bottle

The seven chakras are the main energy centers of the body. Blockages or overactive chakras can cause the body to be out of balance. Essential oils are a great way to support bringing the body back into balance.

This listing is for one 10ml roller bottle of your choice; choose from the drop down menu. We offer a discount for all 7 Rollers Bottles.

Full ingredient list and directions are included on each roller bottle, scroll through the photos in this listing for more information.

Below is a guide to imbalances in each chakra to guide you on where you may need some support.


BLOCKED: fearful, anxious, unsure, financial instability, ungrounded, poor health, overwhelmed OVERACTIVE: greedy, aggressive, power hungry, materialistic, cynical BALANCED: safe, secure, centered, grounded, trusting, healthy, happy to be alive


BLOCKED: shy, withdrawn, low libido, fear of intimacy, no creativity, isolated, difficulty experiencing joy, low self worth OVERACTIVE: hyper-emotional, overly sexual, guilt, manipulative

BALANCED: passion, creative, healthy libido, optimistic, open, self-forgiving, friendly



BLOCKED: procrastination, lack of confidence, feeling powerless, difficulty manifesting desires OVERACTIVE: misuse of power, dominance, shame, protectionist, critical

BALANCED: confident, feel in control, drive, good self-image, respectful



BLOCKED: lack of empathy, bitter, hateful, trust issues, intolerant

OVERACTIVE: jealous, codependent, self-sacrificing, give too much BALANCED: peaceful, loving, compassionate, tolerant, warm, open, self-love



BLOCKED: difficult expressing self, misunderstood, secretive, not a good listener

OVERACTIVE: opinionated, gossipy, loud, critical, yell or talk over others, harsh words

BALANCED: expressive, honest, clear communicator, creative, appreciative



BLOCKED: poor judgement, lack of focus, poor imagination, clouded intuition, can’t see the big picture

OVERACTIVE: delusional, nightmares, hallucinations, obsessive

BALANCED: imaginative, intuitive, clear thoughts and vision, sees beyond physical, focused



BLOCKED: ungrounded, impractical, indecisive, depressed, confused, disconnected, brain fog

OVERACTIVE: ungrounded, judgmental, disconnected, sense of meaningless

BALANCED: strong faith, universal love, intelligent, aware, wise, understanding


DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a doctor. Please use proper care while using or gifting this roller bottle. It is the responsibility of the user to research essential oils. Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients. Keep out of reach of children or pets. Use only as directed.

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